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Travel for the Energy Sector

Getting Crews On-Site, On Budget

The world runs on energy, and because of that, some of the most rapidly growing and fast-paced organizations are those operating in oil and gas, offshore and marine services, and alternative energies. These businesses are constantly relocating crews all over the globe and simply can’t afford a logistical slip-up that can consume precious time and resources. Colpitts provides reliable management of travel logistics to help get small or large crews where they need to be, on time. Our services also help those in the energy sector optimize their travel programs for cost-efficiency and effectiveness to help drive down costs without sacrificing productivity.

Delivering Logistical Savings to Drive Down Your LCOE

Specializing in travel management for the renewables sector, Colpitts has the experience to transfer your personnel to onshore and offshore sites.

Colpitts has access to negotiated rates and airfares that are not accessible directly to travelers or shown on any travel website. Our Renewables Reservations Team specializes in marine and offshore airfares which means our clients obtain the highest possible savings. These logistical savings can help drive down your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) by as much as 70%.

Get Your Employees Where They Need To Be On Budget

Our staff is comprised of highly qualified airfare specialists with an in-depth knowledge of the market requirements. We have access to negotiated rates and airfares not visible or available directly to travelers or shown on any website. Our specialized marine and offshore airfares along with our dedicated Oil & Gas Team can open up a world of flexibility and offers substantial savings. We help our clients keep their logistical costs down by as much as 70%.

We move individuals to global projects, to survey and secure new potential sources of energy whether they are oil or gas. We rotate crews to new and established installations, drilling rigs and offshore vessels, often working within last-minute, time-sensitive and weather-dependent conditions.

Dedicated Oil & Gas Team

We are always available to manage the needs of our clients and deliver a dedicated service 365 days, 24/7.