Travelling to the Middle East – the Growth of Middle Eastern Hubs

Historically both leisure and business travellers in Scotland have benefited from direct flights heading west to North America, but in the past ten years with the growth of Middle Eastern “hubs” passengers have more options to go to the Middle East.

On the 10th April 2004, Emirates Airlines started a direct service from Glasgow to Dubai, increasing to double daily flights in June 2012. Since then, Qatar Airways began operations in May 2014 from Edinburgh Airport direct to Doha with five flights per week, and Etihad have just announced that from the 8th June 2015, it will operate daily direct services from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi.

Budget hotels

Is budget accommodation the way forward for business travellers?

Budget Accommodation

You might have noticed if you look at recent developments in any of Scotland’s major cities that we are experiencing a major boom in budget hotels, driven by the growth of national and in some cases international brands. The gap that existed 25 years ago between global five star accommodation providers, aimed at high spending tourists and the business traveller, and small private hotels and guest houses which catered to the rest of the market has now virtually disappeared. A new generation of the competitively priced hotel chain has now emerged, establishing itself in towns and cities across the UK.